Deborah Kolade


Deborah Kolade is an internationally recognized researcher and lawyer. She holds a Masters degree in International Business Law. Deborah is passionate about giving back to the community and making a difference. She believes in empowering women to fulfil their incredible potential as a means to building inclusive and vibrant communities.


How I’m giving back to the society

Perfecting Womanhood Initiative​

A non-profit dedicated to advancing women’s rights by providing a platform to create awareness and amplify issues that have been swept under the carpet.


We strongly believe that when we educate the children of the indigent, we are giving their mothers the opportunity to do more for themselves.

Secret Of David

A group of young Christians who are out to preach the word of God in songs and to also make people know what real worship is about.


Perfecting WOMANHOOD

In Perfecting Womanhood, I reignited the conversation around women loving and prioritizing themselves.

My writing flows in a conversational tone, combining personal stories and convincing research to change the narrative from what women can’t do to all that they can. This book encourages women to seek challenges, take risks, sit at the table, and pursue their goals without limitations.

I provided practical advice on balancing home, life, self-love, and building a satisfying career. Perfecting Womanhood is a revelatory, inspiring call to action and a model for individual growth. This book will empower women around the world and push them to reach their full potential.