Deborah Kolade

Perfecting Womanhood Initiative (PWI)

Perfecting Womanhood Initiative (PWI) is an African based non-profit organization focused on:

  1. Advocating for women’s rights
  2. Empowering women through the provision of the resources and support needed to rise above cultural and societal limitations, and
  3. Advocating for gender inclusion from the boardroom to all tiers of government

PWI was founded in 2020 as a non-profit dedicated to advancing women’s rights by providing a platform to create awareness and amplify issues that have been swept under the carpet. Over the years, PWI has worked to amplify the voices of women through programmes targeted at providing a safe space for women to use their voices, find help and receive adequate support.

PWI has also built a strong online community that supports female victims of abuse with much needed legal, financial, emotional, material and mental support.

Our empowerment programmes are targeted at young indigent girls who are on the streets without hope and a vision for their lives. Since mindset is rooted in experiences, education and culture, we believe we can help the next generation of women cultivate the right mindset by giving young girls access to education and the right support to evolve into leaders in their chosen fields. We also empower older women and provide needed support according to their circumstances.

With the wide gender gap experienced in various aspects of the African society, PWI will continue to advocate for equal opportunities, equal rights, and representation of women in all spheres of life. PWI specifically focuses on bridging income disparity and female representation in leadership and politics.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. To build a strong support community of professional women who are willing to provide help within their expertise at no cost to other women who need their help but cannot afford it.
  2. To amplify the voices of women and ensure that their voices are heard where it counts.
  3. To create awareness and amplify significant issues relating to women that are societally considered inconsequential.
  4. To drive change and demand equitable gender representation in leadership and politics.
  5. To grant women direct access to resources and materials that will empower them to make a difference.

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