Deborah Kolade

About Deborah O. Kolade

Deborah O. Kolade is an award-winning researcher and an international lawyer. She holds a Masters degree in International Business Law.

She is passionate about impacting the lives of youth and helping vulnerable women. She continues to give back to her community with every resource, knowledge and skill at her disposal. She specialises in helping women discover their strengths and come to the awareness of their power, value and influence.

Deborah is the founder of Perfecting Womanhood Initiative. At PWI, Deborah provides legal, material, financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual support to women.

Over the years, women at different levels of society have been greatly impacted through the various workshops, webinars, meet ups and communities that she has spearheaded at PWI. In the last 5 years, Deborah has achieved innumerable results while helping women understand their role, the uniqueness of their journey and how to leverage on their skills and experience to live fulfilling lives. She is also an ardent promoter of the inclusion of women in the workplace and workplace equality for women in all industries and spheres of business.

In her book, “Perfecting Womanhood,” Deborah tells her story of overcoming incredible challenges to reignite the conversation around women loving and prioritizing themselves while seeking challenges, taking risks, finding their seats at the table and pursuing their goals without limitations.

Deborah is also the founder of Secret of David Music Ministry, which has been a blessing since 2010 to people across the globe. The purpose of the organisation is to bless the community with songs, concerts and music with the aim of donating proceeds to charitable organisations and initiatives.

Deborah and the Secret of David Music Ministry team have organised several projects. Visiting various charitable organisations to share God’s love with songs, hymns and material donations to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

With the understanding of the importance of salvation and the intimate knowledge of God as a Father, Deborah and the Secret of David Music Ministry team have been inspired to write and minister songs that capture the message of the gospel. In 2020, the secret of David team organised a virtual praise concert hosting several gospel artists and drawing participants from across 5 countries.

Deborah O. Kolade is married to an amazing and supportive husband. In her spare time she enjoys writing, baking and studying. She has a thriving business as a travel and tourism consultant in Nigeria. She helps people achieve their dreams of traveling and exploring the world for study, work or tourism. She also curates thrilling experiences to help tourists tick their bucket list of places to travel and tour.